Friday, January 8, 2010

Pimp-A-Book Friday: Horror Edition

The first feature I've decided to bring back in my quest to blog more frequently is...Pimp-A-Book Friday! Why? Because I'm a reader too, and I want to share with everyone the books that keep me happy when I burnout on writing.

First up is a book I am completely in love with, and one I've read numerous times over the last few months...

The One Percenters by John Podgursky

Blurb: Natural selection has become unnatural. Having dealt with the vicious murder of his wife, Edward Caine takes his rightful place as a One-Percenter, eliminating those not fit for the human race. He must fight his instinct to use his role for revenge; he is after those who live on only because of money and medicine. The weak-gened are not fit to breed, and it's the job of Edward and his brethren to see that they don't. But can he finish the job before his own mind betrays him? He is an agent of the Earth. He is a One-Percenter.

Short excerpt: Death is a bad thing for those who were successful in life. For the rest of us-the majority of us-it is a new leaf. I could use one of those. I remember as a teenager wishing I could peel off my skin and remove all of the warts, the scars, the pimples that accumulate during a lifetime. Now I wish I could do the same with my soul. I am dirty. I was nature's bitch. Her little ten-dollar whore, which is more than most can venture to say.

A review by Bobby over at BookWenches is what made me click the "buy" button on this book, and I'm not sure I've ever been happier with what started out as an impulse purchase. As a reader, my first love will always be the horror/thriller genre. To quote 50 Cent, I love horror novels the way a fat kid loves cake. :) To me, a book that can disturb me, creep me out, or give me the heebie-jeebies (which doesn't happen often), is easily worth 100x its weight in gold. And that's exactly what The One Percenters did - it left me with the same creepy feeling that Stephen King's novels always leave me with. Yes, I totally understand I just put The One Percenters and John Podgursky in the same league as Stephen King. I did it, and I'm not sorry! ;)

The main character in The One Percenters, Edward Caine, is a tortured man to say the least. The brutal murder of his wife, Jill, sends him spiraling into a dark place, mentally and physically, that most people never find inside themselves. But when Ed finally hits rock bottom, he doesn't suffer a defining moment that causes him to throw in the towel on life. Oh no, when Edward Caine hits the bottom - he decides to take his rightful place as a scourge of humanity...a one-percenter. He, and the few remaining souls like him, must cleanse the gene pool of the weak and wounded. They, alone, are charged with the responsibility of returning the world to a proper balance...the kind of balance that wouldn't allow for a beautiful and vibrant woman like Jill to die the way she did.

Plainly put, there's a reason why this book lives on my bookshelf right next to my Stephen King collection. The One Percenters is a chilling foray into the psyche of a man who feels as though he's lost everything and has no choice but to take action. John Podgursky's writing style is dark but vivid, and he easily brings Ed's character to life in every tragic and disturbing way possible. The One Percenters is a phenomenal book and stands a perfect example of why I love the horror genre as much as I do.

P.S. John Podgursky also seems to have the same dark sense of humor as an author that I do, which is always a bonus in my book!! :)

You can get The One Percenters in print from Amazon and Barnes & Noble - and in almost every e-book format available from Mr. Podgursky's publisher, Damnation Books.

Here's the basic book info:

Title: The One Percenters
Author: John Podgursky
Publisher: Damnation Books
Release Date: September 2009
ISBN: 9781615720132
Length: 51,645 words


Kim Richards said...

I'm glad you like The One Percenters too! Awesome story.

Kris said...

Hmmm... this sounds like a good book.